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CertainTeed Product Annoucement

Jul 29, 2016

Dear CertainTeed Siding Products Group Customer:

Thank you for your support during the first half of 2016. We greatly appreciate the feedback you have provided to us which always plays a significant role in our development process.

To ensure that we continue to offer the most comprehensive and market responsive product line possible, we continually examine our offering. Based on voice of customer feedback and market conditions, we make necessary modifications that will strengthen our portfolio of products. Below is the list of products that will be discontinued for 2017.

Vinyl Siding Products

  • Northwoods:
    • S7 Rough Split Shakes: autumn yellow
    • S9 Rough Split Shakes: autumn yellow, heritage cream, ivy green, light maple & sandstone beige
  • CedarBoards:
    • D6 Clapboard: sandpiper, snow & suede
    • S7 Clapboard: sandpiper, snow & suede
    • D4 Clapboard: sandpiper, snow & suede
    • D4-1/2 Dutchlap: sandpiper, snow & suede
  • Insulated Board & Batten: snow
    • D6 XL Clapboard: snow
    • S7 XL Clapboard: snow
  • Encore:
    • T3 Clapboard: light maple, sandstone beige, snow & warm sand
    • IronMax Soffit and Vertical Siding:
    • D5 Solid & Fully Vented: autumn red, charcoal gray, forest, ivy green, linen, pacific blue & seagrass
  • Vinyl Carpentry:
    • 1-1/4” Outside Cornerpost: sandpiper, snow & suede
    • 1-1/4” Inside Cornerpost: sandpiper, snow & suede
    • Traditional 1-1/4” SuperCorner: snow
    • 3-1/2” Lineal with 1-1/4” pocket: snow
  • Finish Board: sandpiper, snow & suede
    • 1-1/4” J-channel: sandpiper, snow & suede
  • Flashing:
    • CertaFlash BA: all sizes
    • CertaFlash Flex: all sizes

There are no product deletions for Trim, Decking, Railing and Fence.

Manufacturing of discontinued vinyl siding products will cease at year-end. Residual inventories will be maintained through March of 2017 so you can complete and convert projects in progress. CertaFlash BA and CertaFlash Flex availability will cease as soon as inventory is depleted.  We understand the complications created by product and color discontinuations and have made every effort to keep these to a minimum in addition to giving you advanced notice. We are already working on exciting new offerings for next year which we look forward to sharing with you later this year. Once again, thank you for your continued support of CertainTeed.


Deane C. Smith
Vice President, Sales
CertainTeed Siding